Exclusive Member Investments

These opportunities are only available to individuals who meet the strict criteria for joining our Members Club. These products all offer the opportunity for significant return on investment but they are also considered 'non readily realisable securities', which means they are illiquid, difficult to price and do not have a secondary market. Our Members Club investments are strictly unavailable to retail investors and we can only let you have the details of these investments once you have applied and been accepted for membership.


UK Litigation Funding
Loan Note

UK Litigation Funding Bond

UK Property Bond

Litigation Funding InvestmentLitigation Funding investment UK Property Bond Investment

High yielding opportunity with forecast double digit annual ROI. This investment is issued by a UK based litigation funder who will onward lend funds to UK based SRA regulated solicitor firms to facilitate a range of litigated client cases

This bond is issued by a UK based firm of solicitors looking to seek alternative funding for their expanding range of claim services offered to clients

UK based, experienced property developer is issuing this bond to fund the construction of highly profitable residential and commercial property. The bond is overseen by a security trustee who has the benefit of security over the property being loaned against